Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weekly Update

Well this was the last week of school for the boys! They had a great time and their teachers were really sad to have only had them for such a short time. Aiden is doing great with his letters, phonics and writing! Lots of progress for 2 months! Evan is doing great too! They don't go back until Jan 21st! So I will have to keep them busy. Scott will be done with work this week and will be home until after the 1st. So in that time we are going to be doing some local traveling. We are heading to ADDO Elephant National Park for a night... the lodge we are staying at has an inclusive package including two game drives, elephant rides, etc... It should be a blast! Then a few days later we are heading to the west to spend about 4 days in a few small towns and do some siteseeing.. ostrich farms, other wildlife ranches, monkeyland, ocean safaries, beaches, etc..... I will of course take tons of pics and post them as soon as we get back. We will be done with the big traveling trips on the 20th and will be here for Christmas.

This weekend we are going to get the few holiday decorations we brought up and the house looking like Christmas. I am going to make some more christmas cookies. We are going to a christmas show they have here as well as a year end GM braai (bar-b-q). Other than that we will probably spend some time in the pool and hanging out with friends.

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Amy B said...

Spend time in the pool --- that just sounds so crazy to me! Enjoy that warm weather, we're bundling up here on the other side of the world :)