Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 2012 Update

Well this year is flying by! There has been lots going on here, so I am behind on posting. The boys have been enjoying school. Aiden is off to a flying start in Grade 2 and has an amazing teacher. Evan is reading and loving Grade 1. Both have been involved with sports at school as well as taking golf lessons, extra art classes, piano classes and rugby. Keeping mom busy. They had their school camp out a couple of weeks ago which is always a great evening of fun. My beautiful boy Evan has gotten glasses and looks adorable! Just won't let mom take a photo for the blog :). Now the boys are on school holiday. The biggest news we have gotten is that we are moving back to the good old U.S.A.! With that comes very mixed feelings... We have LOVED our time in South Africa and will be very sad to leave. But we are also very excited about coming home. Scott will be working at the Spring Hill, Tennessee plant. So we will be very close to my parents which is nice. Being close to family will be so amazing. We will be leaving South Africa on April 23rd. So needless to say things are busy... getting things organized, scheduling movers, packing, planning a couple last vacations to our favorite places and just wrapping things up here is keeping me very busy. In talking about the move, the boys made a list of all the things they wanted to do before we left. One thing on the list was an elephant ride... we did this the first year we were here but thought the boys would remember it much better doing it now that they are older. It was a little rainy that day but was so nice. It is amazing to watch these animals!
I luckily share a birthday month with a few of my friends... so we had a joint party with food, drinks and music.. what more do you need? It was great fun and a great excuse for a party. This weekend I hosted a ladies luncheon to say thank you to all my friends for making my time in South Africa so special! It was amazing. Makes me feel so blessed and thankful to have friends like these amazing ladies! Will post some photos of the luncheon soon. Well I think that is all that is happening here in a nutshell. We will be going away for Easter and the week after so look for another post with our last few South African adventures.