Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aiden is 7!!!

They are growing up right before my eyes...first he is in "big" school and now he is 7! We had a great day... we started with pancakes with a candle and singing at 6 am. (way too early) Then we went out to dinner, opened gifts and had cake. That weekend we had a small braai with friends. I know what you are all thinking.. where is the big party with the amazing cake??? Well since we were only into our first full week at school, we decided that in a couple of weeks we would have a pool party and invite the boys from school once he had made some friends. So it is still to come just delayed a bit! But he did take in star wars cookies for his class that were really cool. Wow another year gone by...

Back to School Excitement!

The boys started school on January 19th. We switched to St. Georges Preparatory School. (in case you want to check it out) It is an exciting year because Aiden is in Grade 1 which means uniforms. He loves it! And Evan is in Grade R (our kindergarten). They are both doing really well and have made lots of new friends.

Aiden is involved in lots of, cricket, swimming, golf and judo. Evan is taking judo, cricket and golf. Aiden has also started reading!!! What fun to watch is so funny to see the excited look on his face as he reads something. So proud of himself! And he was very excited to get homework..I am sure that will wear off eventually.

So here they are....

Aiden's classroom

Evan's Classroom


We were lucky enough to be invited to our friends holiday house on the Kromme river the last weekend before school started. It was a large group of the most wonderful friends! We are soooo lucky!! It was a fabulous relaxing weekend of sun, sand and boats! What more could you ask for.. oh don't worry there was plenty of wine as well :).