Friday, December 23, 2011

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Happy Holidays

Wow can't believe it is almost Christmas! As long as we have been here I just can't get use to having Christmas in the summer. Although fun - a bit strange!! This week we have been busy... building gingerbread houses, finding our Elf Buddy everyday, swimming in the pool, playing with the dog, sleeping in the tent, day trip to Jefferys Bay, went to see the new Chipmunk Movie, wrapped gifts, and making cookies for Santa. Busy Working......
The Finished Products...
Enjoying a little treat.. He was very disappointed I wouldn't let him eat his house.
Aiden camping in his room...
Hanging out by the pool after a swim.
Playing with Sadie
They took these photos of themselves in the boat.... goofy!!!
Boys are really excited for Christmas which makes it so much fun! After all the excitement Christmas morning, we are packing up and heading to Kleinemonde for 10 days of relaxation and fun. We will visit with our "family" the Whitakers and spend lots of time on the beach and in the river. So fun! We hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas and New Year!! Bring on 2012!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's happening?

Well our long holiday has begun and is going well. The boys are having a much needed break and enjoying having fun at home. They have been swimming, playing sports, chasing the dog, practising piano, and just being boys. They have also been going to a holiday program at SAMREC... an education and rehabilitation center mostly for the African penguins. They have enjoyed the beach and all the fun learning! Our Elf, Buddy, has arrived and has brought the boys advent calenders from Playmobil which was a big hit. And have decorated the house for Christmas. We also got the pleasure of attending the Rugby 7's tournament that was held here in PE. The games are short - 7 min a half, and there are only 7 players a side. Fast paced and lots of fun. A great event to enjoy with friends. So far the break has been great..still alot to come... Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, Santa's arrival, a lovely escape to Kleinemonde, a new year and lots more.. so keep watching!
Evan playing twinkle twinkle little star
Friends at the rugby! It was HOT!
Go Bokkes!!

Nativity Play

Evan's last day of school was a fun filled morning... we were entertained with a nativity "play" by the pre-school classes. It was mostly Christmas carols sung as angels,and shepards with Mary and Joseph. So cute. It was suppose to be outside but good ole PE weather was cloudy and drizzly so it was moved inside so it was a little cramped. The Grade R classes also did a few songs in celebration of going onto "Big" school next year! Can't believe he will be in Grade 1!!
Our Shepard .. very happy to see his dad :).
Another Proud Dad moment!
Will greatly miss the pre-primary! Miss Robertson was an amazing teacher and friend. Enjoyed getting to know her and watching all the wonderful things that she taught him this year. Onto bigger things... Grade 1!

Prize Giving

Aiden's last full day of school included his Prize Giving. All the Grade 1's got merit awards for their accomplishments this year. He did so well!! One of the certificates was given for a "standardized" test taken by many private schools in South Africa. Aiden received an 85% for Numeracy and a 95% in Literacy. So Proud.
A proud Dad with our star student!
What a great end to another year.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Playgolf Year End Golf Day

The boys recently had their Year End Golf tournament. They always have so much fun playing golf with Daddy. They also played really well. Both Aiden and Evan received a medal for their year end progress. Aiden also got an award for Longest Drive in his age group and a trophy for the golfer with the most potential in his age group. So proud! They did well and had a great time, which is much more important!! Daddy and Aiden before on their way.
Boys on course
Aiden and his winnings
Evan - Didn't want to get his photo taken
Well Done Boys!!

Samrec and Day at the Beach

Evan had an outing to Samrec (South Africa marine rehabilitation and educational center) They take care of injured penguins in the area. The kids love learning all about the tide pools and the penguins. Such a fun day. We had great weather also. Such an amazing last outing for the kids to have before the end of the year. Just love living close to the beach!!