Friday, December 12, 2008

Uncle Jumbo's Christmas Show

Here are photos of the christmas show we attended. It was fun! Uncle Jumbo is a farmer and he tells stories, they sing songs, there is a band, Noddy is there (cartoon character), Santa is there with a wrapped gift for the kids (you bring it along. You are set up in a large circle and the kids are immediately asked to come to the middle and some teens dressed as clowns have them play games and run around. Then the show starts and it is more of the kids interacting the entire show! And it goes until 9:30... Aiden had a blast! We didn't see him most of the evening. Evan of course stayed with us and just watched everything and everyone! But the both still had a great time!

Everyone have a great weekend and we will fill you in on our big trip this weekend!! check back next week!

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