Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spring Hill Christmas Parade

Aiden was lucky enough to be in the Spring Hill Christmas parade with his football team. And the parade is a bit different since it is at night... so all the floats, etc were lit up. It was fun watching and he had a blast!! Here are few photos.. all of them are fuzzy - couldn't get the right setting for moving items at night :)... but you get the idea!!!
Such a fun night to start off the holiday season!!

Buddy Returns!!

December has started so our family Elf, Buddy, is back in action. He returned with a fun North Pole breakfast for the boys and a few gifts. The boys love looking for him every morning and seeing what he is up to. Wish he could stay around all year!!
Powdered sugar donuts, marshmallows and hot cocoa with mini marshmallows.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

November Update

We had a great month! Aiden received an award for perseverance! He is such a hard worked and we are very proud!!! Evan along with the first grade classes performed a Barnyard Moosical! It was lots of fun and very cute. They also enjoyed a fun fall party with their classes. And, of course, we celebrated Thanksgiving with family. It was a great time. It was great for the boys to see their cousins! Kierlin is so cute and Rio is getting so big! We had a great weekend. We got to see the Rockettes in the wonderful Christmas show here in Nashville. And the kids had a blast! Enjoy the pics!! Aiden getting his award.
Evan was a cow....
Our Thanksgiving table...
We even went bowling!!
Hope everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving and a great month!! Now onto December....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Introducing Ally Bell.....

So we went looking for a puppy last weekend and brought home a kitten! She is adorable. The shelter had named her Alison, which doesn't really fit a kitten. So the boys have changed it to Ally. She is a cutie!
The boys love her. So hopefully this tides them over a bit before they start asking for that puppy again :)!

Halloween 2012

Trick or Treat!!! Boys had a great time! Or should I say our resident Ninja and Iron Man. Scored lots of candy and had fun seeing friends and walking the neighborhood.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Update

This month isn't over yet but it has been a great one! We had a great visit with Grandmom and Grandad Bell, we visited a local farm to get pumpkins and other fun things, we carved pumpkins, we watched Grammy and Poppy take off on a hot air balloon ride, and watched Aiden play lots of football. Onto the important things... the pictures! Aiden's newest position, center! He did great!! So proud. They recently ended their season with a loss in the playoffs but played so well all season. Good Job!!
Poppy got a hot air balloon ride for his birthday. We were lucky enough to be able to see them off. So cool!! Here is Pops helping fill the balloon.
Ready to take off.
Up,Up and Away!!
Our Trip to Lucky Ladd Farms for a great fall adventure... Entering the corn maze...
Playing in the fun area... climbing the tires to ring the bell, racing ducks and being silly.
Of course, after we got home we had to carve our pumpkins!! The boys even carved their own. So much fun!! Daddy carved two.
Also while Grandmom and Grandad were here they boys were in school a few days so we were able to do some exploring.. We visited the Ryman Auditorium downtown Nashville. The Ryman is the original Grand Ole Opry and has a great history in town. Such a cool place to see. We also went to Lynchburg to see the great Jack Daniels distillery. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a great tour. You would expect to go to a big factory type building.. but they have kept it in small buildings in the trees and around the cavern in Lynchburg. They still use the cave spring water like it was started by Jack Daniel himself. Such a cool process to see. This is a statue of Jack in front of the entrance to the cave.
So far has it's been a great month. Big halloween night to come so I will post more soon. As long as the weather allows trick or treating!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Change of Season

Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons!! First is the weather. Nice mid 70 degree days and cool evenings. Perfect for jeans and a sweatshirt and to sit around a fire!! I also love the holidays to come... Halloween and Thanksgiving. A great family time of year to have fun, be silly and give thanks for everything we have. Also it is football season!! (that is American Football for my international friends :)) Watch Aiden play on Saturdays and the Ravens play on Sundays. Also there is food that is always thought of as "fall" food... apple dishes, chilli, pumpkin dishes, halloween candy...just so many yummy things to eat. But one of the best things is actually seeing the change of colors. It is always so breathtaking. In fact, I stopped at a park the other day just to take a couple of photos. They are from my phone so they are not great but you get to see the beauty that is Tennessee in the fall!!! I wish I could bottle the feeling of fall...So relaxing and gorgeous! Enjoy the photos.....

Monday, October 1, 2012

September 2012 Update

Wow another month gone by... We have been home for 5 months now and it seems like we just got here. Although lots has happened!! Let's see... Aiden has been playing his football games and has done very well.. Right now they are 3-2. He plays lots of positions on offense and defence. He is number 27.
Evan received an award at school for Respect. They nominate a child from each class each month for a different quality... this month was respect and Evan was chosen!! So cool...
Scott and I had a great time at the Wine Fest in Nashville on the Shelby street bridge. We went with my parents and some friends of theirs. It was a blast hanging out and sampling lots of wine. Then we headed down broadway and stopped into some bars for some great music. So fun!!!
yes this is my dad dancing with some random lady :)...
Then this past weekend Evan ran his first 5K with my dad! He had a great time. He did it in 37 minutes and was second in the 9 and under age group, and was the youngest participant! He loved it.
Of course, lastly was Evan's birthday that I already posted. It was a great month! Looking forward to the next month of adventures!! Stay tuned!!

Evan is 7!!!

Wow!! Can't believe my baby is 7 years old. It has gone by sooo fast. He is a very happy, energetic and caring kid. He also can drive us all nuts but it is all worth it!!! He had his birthday party at a place called Glow Galaxy... bouncy houses, mini golf, and other fun games all in the dark. Everything glows and has an alien/outerspace theme... so that was the theme. So fun!!
It was a great time! Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!

Our New Home .. Finally some photos

Ok I know it has taken awhile... Here are some outside photos of the new house. We recently had a patio put on the back of the house and it looks awesome! Enjoy... the photos of the inside are coming :)!