Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day

We celebrated Valentines Day in style... We hosted a couples sushi party! It was alot of fun... We had sushi made and invited 4 of our favorite couples over for some food,drinks and "love".

The set up... the sushi.. along with that we had beef stir fry and fried rice. And I made red velvet cake and meringue with cream for dessert

The girls... Megan, Charlotte, Kim, & Paula

The boys..Randy, Clayton, Pat, Scott & Stan.

Lots of Love!!!

Get To Know You

One of the first events at school is the "Get to know you Braai". We had Aiden's this past weekend and it was a great time. We had hot dogs and the kids played.It is a great time to get to know other parents, especially the new ones to school. Then as the evening went on there was a father-daughter/ mother-son dance. Of course, I couldn't get Aiden anywhere near the dance. We also went on a torch (flashlight) walk around the school property.. the kids had a ball doing that. The evening was a great success...

Aiden playing Soccer with his buddies

Our friend Ross dancing with his beautiful daughter and a friend.

Me and Aiden hanging out...

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here biking is quite a big sport. We know lots of people that bike on a regular basis and love it. There was a race that most of them rode in and we went out to cheer them on! (won't catch me on a bike!!!) The boys had a great time cheering for everyone and looking for people we knew. We are very proud of all our friends who participated! Congrats!
Boys watching the bikers...

Pat -- having a little too much fun

Stan.. he works with Scott.

Our friend Randy - poor Randy had a flat tire :)

They all did so well!!

Aiden's Birthday Pary

Aiden had a great party on Friday with all of his friends! There were 30 kids at the party and they all had a great time. We had the party at the Cricket Academy.. they supply two coaches and you choose between cricket and soccer. Aiden chose soccer and the kids were taken out to the field and played and played and played! It was a great time. I also brought along beads for some of the girls. Aiden loves sports and playing with his friends so he was in heaven! Even though it was a soccer party, Aiden asked for a snake cake.. so mommy complied... Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aiden is 6!!!

Last week Aiden turned 6! He took in cupcakes to school. At school each student draws and colors a picture for the birthday child and the teacher makes a cover for the book, as well as makes a crown. It is very fun. Then of course he wanted a snake cake for his party (which is this Friday) so I thought I would do a miniature version for his actual birthday and practise.. I think it turned out pretty good. He is such a big boy!

Aiden at school with his class...

The book and crown he got... (don't know why it is coming out sideways???)

The mini snake cake, will be attempting a large one for Friday!

Aiden blowing out his candle.

Look for more on the big boys birthday... his soccer, snake party is on Friday! Yeah!