Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Go Peppermints.....

St Georges has a fun rugby morning for the Grades 1-3. Aiden was on the "peppermints" team and had a ball. What a fun morning to enjoy watching the boys run and roll in the mud :).

Headmaster - Mr Liss handing out the rules....

Tackle Aiden!!!

What fun! Great morning.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

School Holidays

Well the first two terms of school have flown by! The boys both got really good reports for the first half of the year. Then we were on a three week holiday... what to do, what to do...

The first week we went to our beloved Blanco Guest Farm. Such a treat. It was very cold but once bundled up it didn't stop the boys from riding their bikes, milking the cow, riding the horses, playing tennis, playing golf, and any other sport the kids could come up with. check out the site... An absolute wonderful start to the holiday.

The second week was filled with Holiday Camp at Walmer Methodist Church in the mornings. The theme was the High Seas and they loved it! They also started piano lessons. I found a young college girl who loves teaching and music. The boys are already excited and have been practising on our keyboard everyday. I am reserving the purchase of a piano to see how interested they stay.

We had LOTS of rain!! Which was good since we are in a drought and have very strict water restrictions.. but it became too much of a good thing. Our entire side yard was flooded as if we had a second pool. Our kitchen ceiling was leaking. There was water everywhere!!! Now it has cleared up but still very wet.

The rest of the holiday break was filled with playdates with friends, going to see the new Cars movie, a few art projects, baking, cleaning out the toy stash and relaxing before the grind of early morning school and homework started back up.

Aiden lost another tooth the night before going back to school.. how exciting!! Tooth Fairy money.

And at the end of the holiday a very dear friend Megan turned 40!!! Happy Birthday my friend!!

I guess that was all for our holiday, now back to reality...up early, school, sports, homework. But there are always more adventures to come!

Camping at Sidbury

Had another great weekend with some amazing friends. We went camping on the farm of our lovely friends, the Hurr's. The farm has awesome views and lots of room for the kids to run. We hiked around the hills of the farm, sat around the fire, and the kids had a ball shooting pellet guns at targets and the older kids did some clay pigeon shooting. It was cold, but we all survived... maybe it was the wine :). We also enjoyed drinks watching the sunset in a beautiful area of the farm. WOW!! What a beautiful country!

South African Air Force Museum

Evan had a school outing to the Air Force Museum. The kids had great fun. They were told all kinds of interesting information about planes and helicopters. They all got to sit in a huge plane and could get into a gun turret and took turns shooting at me. And at the end got to all jump into a huge cargo helicopter for a group shot. Evan has asked many times to go back and visit again. Fun!!

In the plane with his friend Mats from Germany

Shooting his mommy....

With friends Trishul and Landon

Evan's class.....

Golf Day

A couple times a year Playgolf has a golf day with all the kids. Aiden loves it because they play at a real golf course. He did really well... placed 4th in his age group. Good Job Aiden!!

Notice the new golf shoes!! So cool....

While I was away...

Of course, life did not stop while I was off enjoying myself. The boys were still in school and having a great time. We had a wonderful Au Pair Hannah taking the boys to school, helping with homework and making sure they didn't kill each other. All my boys got to spend some great time together and didn't miss me at all!!

One Saturday St Georges had a fun, friendly rugby game between the grade 1's and grade 2's. Aiden played really well. He played two games and scored two trys in one game! (that is equivalent to a touchdown) No photos to share but daddy got some great video for me to watch! So Proud!

The boys also attended the St Dominics School fair. We attend every year since our friends (the McCarty's) go to school there. It is always alot of fun.. games, food, entertainment and of course the beer tent :).

And a big milestone... Aiden lost his first tooth!! (not at the rugby game) He decided to wait to put his tooth out for the tooth fairy until I came home. He got 20 Rand (~$3) for the tooth!! Very generous tooth fairy.

Luckily things went well and my boys enjoyed themselves!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Awesome girls Trip

In May I went on an amazing trip with some amazing friends!!! It was an extension of my 40th birthday celebrations. Megan & I both turn 40 this year so we thought we would do a little girls trip to celebrate. Well it went from a long weekend to the winelands to a 13 day trip to London and Italy. And we had to twist the arms of our dear friends Paula and Gayle to go with us:). It was an experience of a lifetime. We laughed from the moment we got on the plane and did not stop.

We invaded London for 3 days...saw lots of sites and drank at lots of pubs. Toured Westminster Abbey, rode the London Eye, checked out Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus, Covent Garden, Regent street, Buckingham Palace,and Soho, attended an Eric Clapton concert at Royal Albert Hall and saw the show Pricilla Queen of the Desert... Whew!

If that wasn't enough we were off to Italy. Italy is beautiful beyond your imagination and pictures you have seen. Rome was our first stop... the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, and the most amazing site - We saw the Pope at the Vatican during his Sunday Blessing.

Second stop on our tour was Venice. Absolutely breathtaking! One of my favorite stops of our adventure. Started with a Gondola ride through the canals, a walk to St. Marks Square and Cathedral, A glass blowing demonstration in Murano, and lots of cafes.

From Venice we took a detour through Verona to see the famous Juliet balcony.

On to Florence... Lots of shopping here, leather, gold, etc. Also some sites the Duomo, Pontevecchio Bridge. Also took a side trip to a beautiful tuscan village San Gimignano and a trip to Assisi, home of St Francis. Gorgeous!!

Unfortunately our Italy tour has come to an end.... Flew back to London for a full day of shopping and one last pub lunch. Oh I miss the fish and chips!

So you have seen most of our trip- we had lots of laughs and lots of stories to tell but as they say here... what goes on tour stays on tour :)!! Can't wait for our next adventure.