Monday, April 26, 2010


A couple of weekends ago was the South Africa Ironman, held here in PE. It is an amazing event to watch. We headed to the beachfront with some friends to watch the swim and then the bike race. A couple of my friends did it! I am so proud! They did an amazing job. They have a kids competetion as well.. next year Aiden wants to do it. FUN! Here are some pics of the event.

The swimmers in the bay...

swimmers coming out of the water.. they do three laps in the sea and then out to the bikes..

Here are the sea of bikes ready to go.

My friends Debbie and Kevin Grey! Kevin has done the race many times and qualified last year for the national one in Hawaii. This year was Debbies first and she did great!!

The boys .. Aiden and Evan with their friend Ethan.

Wow -- soooo impressed!

Soccer Star

Aiden had his first soccer game last weekend. He LOVED it! He plays for the PE City Club. They won 5-3.... according to Aiden they "smoked" the other team. He did really well. He plays in an under 9 team so most of the kids on his team and the other teams will be older but it doesn't seem to bother him.

His team! 4 of the World Cup countrys are represented here.. US, UK, Greece and South Africa.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

Happy Easter! The Easter bunny found us here is SA.

Evan found his basket, and quickly ate some chocolate

Aiden found his basket

Our colorful Eggs

Easter afternoon we went for a fun family lunch at The Boma. The kids played in the jumpy castle, rode ponies and had a great easter egg hunt.

The adults... Us, The McCartys, and the Stouts.

Our family on Easter!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!

Term 1 Artwork

Here is some of the kids artwork from the first term

Evan's Artwork....

Aiden's Artwork....

So Cute!

Update April 2010

I know it has been a couple of weeks since my last post, time to catch up....

The boys ended the first term of school on the 26th. So the week was busy with end of term stuff.. a school raffle(I am fundraising chair),throw in a birthday party and I was interviewing at a primary school for Aiden for next year. Here you have to apply to schools by the end of the first term for the next year. Oh and.. I had a birthday. :)

Scott and I, with lots of friends went to see Elton John here in PE on the 26th. We had a great time.. at the before party and at the concert but the concert itself was not as good as expected. He played alot of really old stuff and some new songs from a new album coming out, I think there were only 2 songs that we knew and were songs we could dance and sing along to. It was an outdoor, picnic style concert and of course it rained! We are in a very bad drought right now, so it was a welcomed rain but we were soaked.

This past week we have been having fun.. meeting friends for lunch, Aiden had an all day golf clinic, Evan had swimming lessons and we were planning and packing for a quick getaway with 2 other families for the weekend.

On Thursday, the girls and kids all headed down the road to Storms River. It is near the Tsitsikamma National Park. We stayed in two cottages and planned to have a very fun relaxing couple of days. The guys came after work on Thursday. Between all three families we had 11 kids... ranging in age from 4-16. The kids had a blast, playing soccer, cricket, swimming and playing other games. Special thanks to the older kids who kept the little ones busy and happy. On Friday we went into the park and some went on a 3 hour hike, while Megan & I took the little ones to the beach and on a boat ride around Storms River Mouth. We really did have a great weekend with our friends, who have become family since we have been here! The crazy part of the weekend... On Saturday we checked out and then headed to Bloukrans Bridge which has the worlds highest bungy jump! Two of the teens.. Emily and Jono were the victims. You could watch from many lookout points but the best was in the restaurant where they had a live feed on a big screen tv of the jumpers. So we ate lunch and watched. Wow! I was almost talked into doing it...

We have had a great two weeks!!

Kids playing at the cabins

Evan as the photographer took a pic of Taylor, Aiden and Hunter.

Aiden, Evan and Claire at the beach playing in a small rock pool.

While we were at the beach there was a baboon that came out of the woods and took over a trash can not far from the restaurant.

The Bridge

The kids before the bungy jump