Friday, September 26, 2008

Wild Animals....

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Kragga Kamma Game Reserve

Above are some of the animals we saw on our first safari adventure!! Giraffes headed right toward our car!!!! COOL!! The reserve is huge but small in comparison to others around here.... We have alot more to look forward to. The last photo is two giraffe that came around the trees right down the road up to our vehicle. The cheetah was laying right next to the dirt road. SO COOL!

Some sites from PE .. One is the view from our townhouse, the boys by a palm tree and some people kite surfing on the beach!!

Boys on the plane!

Here are the boys in the plane.. nice seats huh?! They did a great sjob!!

Our First Week In SA

Well we finally made it.... Things went as scheduled and the boys did awesome on the plane!! I either had low expectations or they were just angels! It has been a week and we just now got our internet service at the townhouse (temporary until next week) working. I will update the blog with lots of posts and photos today so keep checking it out.

Well the first week has gone pretty well. The boys are finally on a normal sleep schedule. Scott & I are both driving around.... scarry. It is weird on the opposite side of the road. The strangest parts are reaching for the gear shift and it being on the left and not right.. also driving in parking lots... I just have to really think about what I am doing..I have been on autopilot for 20 years so it is different. It is pretty easy to find your way around here so we have not gotten lost yet. Also we have learned that no one is in a hurry here (at least not the sense of urgency there is at home) which is good and bad...

The weather has been chilly and windy most of the week. There was a couple of really nice sunny days. Starting this weekend it is suppose to be in the high 60- low 70’s. They just started their spring here so the weather is jumping around a bit. It is really Windy here!!!

We have already met some people and everyone is very nice. There are quite a few fun kids outdoor play places.. we have already checked them out! The boys start school on Oct 6 that is when the fourth term starts for this year. Of course, Aiden is excited and Evan is already whining that he doesn't want to go to school!

We are still adjusting to the "security" issues. We are not in danger.. but there is a lot of security. At the townhouse, we have different keys to every door plus there are the metal expanding doors over all entrance doors into the house which all have their own keys and then there is the alarm system. And to get into the complex you need a remote for the gate… The key ring is HUGE and I am just now starting to get the keys right. Oh – the inside doors all have their own key as well and they are the old skeleton keys. Hopefully the boys never lock themselves in their room!!! There are beggers at the street lights..mostly selling something not just begging, so you are told to keep your purse behind you and not in the passenger seat… Again nothing really outrageous but you have to be more cautious and aware!

There are a few things that I miss already (except for my family and friends!)…. Fountain drinks, (everything here is out of a can) Good paper towels – think of the cheapest paper towel you could find at the dollar store… those are the only ones available here! Those types of things are luxuries and are not commonly used so it isn’t a priority… My stuff in general! Aiden misses graham crackers! They don’t have them here… We have found a thin butter cookie (biscuit as they are called here) that are similar. Once our shipments get here we will have graham crackers! But I may be asking some of you to send me a box!! Evan is happy they have milk.

The stores are nice but I am finding that I need to go to multiple grocery stores to get what I need/want. Luckily there are 3-4 chains that are everywhere… And most of them are in malls. I think I told a lot of you before but the stores are small with a very small selection. The food tends to be very cheap.

Scott has started work. The plant doesn’t start up until 7:00 here so he goes in late! The boys actually get to say goodbye to him in the morning! We have had a lot of little things to take care of so he has been going in and out of work. He is starting up the department and trying to get things up to speed so it is slow going and will probably require some long days but he will do great!

Oh and the biggest thing we have done this week is go to our first game reserve..Kragga Kamma is right outside of PE (Port Elizabeth) so it was literally a 20 minute drive. It is a self guided drive .. you just stay on the dirt road and follow signs. All the animals roam free within the reserve. We saw Rhinos, Giraffes, Zebras, Wildebeasts, wart hogs, and all types of buck. They also have Cheetas that are segregated into their own open area. And there were 3 cubs in a separate cage. I will attached some photos!

Ok I guess that wraps up our first week… we should have our air shipment next week and the keys to our house. So we will be able to move in with no furniture but some blow up mattresses.. but it will be worth it to get out of “temporary” housing! Oh – and we will have internet service and should have our vonage service once we get in the new house and the air shipment but I will post the info on the blog!

Enjoy the photos I post after this!! Keep in touch.