Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Christmas 2008

After tearing thru the gifts.. we relaxed for a bit. The boys (mostly Aiden) played Wii with Daddy. And then in the late afternoon we headed to our SA Family Christmas dinner at the McCarty's. It was great... great food, drinks and new friends.

It was a really strange Christmas... it didn't even feel like Christmas. First it is warm here which is different than normal. And you are not bombarded with Christmas! There are very few commercials on TV here so you don't see the sale ads, etc and the stores are pretty low key about it as well. The one big change is that no one here puts out lights or decorations on their homes! I always love driving around looking at Christmas lights!! One of my favorite things about Christmas. But here it is looked at as a waste of electricity and just not the culture. But we had a great time and enjoyed the day. Hope everyone enjoyed theirs!

The boys... Randy, Joel, Scott and Pat

The kids hanging out playing Wii...

Joel, Claire (on his back) and Graham!

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