Friday, May 22, 2009


Well I know it has been awhile since my last post...but life just gets away from me. The last couple of weeks have been pretty "normal".. running all over the place with the boys, etc. Last weekend Scott went to Durban (about an hour flight east) with some buddies from work. They flew up to watch their first Rugby game live! The game was between the two local rival teams the bulls and the sharks. They were cheering on the sharks and they lost by one point! But as I am told it was a great game. So I was here alone with the boys.. but we kept busy with friends. And on Saturday night the boys had a games night at their school as a fundraiser. It was fun they lots of games set up, you paid for tickets to play and then were awarded tokens for prizes after playing. There was a cake sale that I, of course donated lots of baked goods to. The boys really had a blast and alot of money was raised for the school!

The boys are doing well! Aiden always amazes me with the things he learns on a daily basis. I know every 5 year old learns to read and add, etc.. but when it is yours it is so cute! He is doing really well starting to sound out words, spelling simple words, and adding. Evan is just having fun at school. He is the little helper.. all day he follows his teacher around helping her carry things, or put things away, I don't think he leaves her side all day! He has started seeing a speech therapist for some of the speech issues he has been having, and is having some issues with his hearing. So next week we find out if he needs to get tubes put in or not. They are both doing a marvelous job at swimming! It is amazing how much can change in a few months. They have gone from hating to even put their faces in the water to Aiden swimming around on his own! It has only been since mid Feb with the lessons and what a difference! The boys are also in a gymnastics class and really like it. Aiden also takes golf and cricket lessons. Evan has a music class after school that he loves! So I am busy everyday after school running somewhere. But Aiden is our sports-aholic, he would play anything, everyday. As long as he is enjoying it, I will keep running!

As for Scott, he works alot but has gotten out to play golf a couple of times. He needs to play more often. Even with all the work he enjoys it and every weekend we are busy doing something.. either exploring or spending time with new friends! I am just busy with the boys, taking tennis lessons one day a week, trying to catch up on my scrapbooks, going to the gym alot, and hanging out with friends. We have had lots of playdates with the boys friends.. mostly with friends of Aiden's and last week on of Evan's friends came over. It is so nice because I get a chance to talk more to the mom's then just passing at the school room door. I have made some wonderful friends thru school!!

Well I know my friends back home are getting ready for school to be over and enjoy their summer! I hope you do. We are only part way into our school year here..I think I actually like the year round schedule better. But enjoy the summer and keep in touch!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fish River Sun....

We had a long weekend last weekend and went on a great short vacation to see more sites around us. We headed East up the coast about 2 hours to Port Alfred. It is a cute little coastal town. We actually stayed at a resort just outside town. The resort is set on the Fish River and the coast. It is gorgeous! The views of the golf course, and ocean are just beautiful.

Three of the other American families went along so the kids had a blast playing with all of their friends. We spent Friday afternoon with the kids playing on the huge jungle gym and miniature golf course. Then headed into Port Alfred for a river cruise on the Kowie River that runs thru the town.

After we had a great dinner at a small little restaurant on the river with another family. On Saturday we had a great day.. we headed to the beach and found a great spot of beach along a lake. The kids went out canoeing, played in the sand and swam in the lake. The guys played golf. Then in the afternoon the kids swam in the heated pool and played in the kids kamp playroom they had! On Sunday we spent the morning at the lake again and then headed home. It was a great weekend! It was so kid friendly and just a wonderful setting. Definitely a place that I would go back to for another long weekend of relaxation!

Here are the kids having fun on a log... they were suppose to be frogs on a log but some didn't play along!

Swinging with the monkeys….. or close!

We took a short trip to Tsitikamma National Park area on April 26th. We checked into the hotel and left the kids playing with a nanny while Scott and I headed out on a canopy tour! It is a tour thru the tall yellowwoods of the forest. There are 10 platforms set up in the tree tops that you zip from tree to tree on a line. We were 20 meters high, the longest line was 90 meters long and the oldest tree was estimated to be 600 years old! It was a blast! At first you are focused on zipping thru the trees and braking when you need to, but towards the end you are looking around and enjoying the scenery. I really would like to do it again because I think it would be so much fun to enjoy the whole experience without stressing over how to brake and when! The rest of the evening was relaxing with the kids and just hanging out! Very nice short vacation!

Heading out to the first platform

Getting our instructions! listen up..

Our first run....

More fun!!!

New Addition To the Neighborhood

I have written lots about the game that live in our neighborhood.. I have even told stories of the black swans.. well the swans had a baby!! It is a cute little grey fuzz ball! The mom and dad have not left it’s side! So cute!