Wednesday, December 31, 2008


There was a Polo test match just outside of Plettenburg Bay on Monday the 29th.. so a group of us decided we wanted to go check it out and see what a polo match was all about. Us, the McCarty's and Wolf's all headed out on the 2 1/2 hour trek to Plett. Before going we found out that you are suppose to take picnic baskets, chairs, food, drinks, etc... sort of like tailgating. So you know me.. I put together a spread of food for the group and the kids, everyone brought food, and coolers. We even took tables to set up. When we got there everyone had their chairs and blankets set up but noone had a setup like us!!! I even brought flowers for our table!

The horses were just beautiful and it was really cool to see the way the game was played. There was a match at the beginning that was young kids (not sure how young)and then the big match started at 4pm.. It was South Africa vs Australia. South Africa won! YEAH!! And we were given many compliments on our set up! It was alot of fun, so we may be going again! Scott and Pat had to dress for the occasion! Scott actually wore a pink polo shirt, with khaki shorts and a blue sport coat! Pat did his preppy dressing with a sweater vest and those preppy embroidered shorts! Too funny!

Our Food... Yummy!!

Here Scott and all the kids went out on the field to replace the divets! Those of you who have seen Pretty Woman (which is one of my favorites) have heard of replacing the divets. Our crew were the last ones on the field, of course.

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