Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The day after Christmas we went to a cricket game here in PE. Cricket is the big sport here... I still don't understand it really well but it was fun to go see. Our local team is the Chevrolet Warriors (in the black and green uniforms). We sat in the grass and just hung out with the McCarty's, Stout's and Comiskey's for the evening. There is a batter and bowler.. they hit the ball and run back and forth between the wickets.. and try to earn as many runs as possible before they reach a set number of "overs" Once they reach the over amount the other team bats and trys to beat the number of runs. Some games depending on the rules and type of game can last for days!! When we finally left it was "half time" (our team had reached the overs and the other team was going to bat) and it was almost 8pm and had taken 3 1/2 hours! Crazy. A few guys in front of us were trying to explain the game ... I got part of it but there is so much more to it!! Here are some pics...

The inside of the stadium. We are seated in the grass family section...

This is a car like the one I am driving now.. a Captiva.

They had a band that played alot of the game. Of course, Evan was most interested in the band and not the game!

Brett and Evan having some yummy ice cream! Brett was eating his so nicely and then he saw Evan licking his like a dog and had to play along! Sorry Kimberly!!

The kids hanging out..As you can see they are not real excited about the game!

At what would be considered Half time.. they allow people on the field. Most of the groups were playing their own small cricket games.. ours were just running around like monkeys! Scott was chasing Taylor and Hunter and they would sneak up and tackle each other. Again... those Crazy Americans!!

Pat checking out the field with Claire.

I am sure we will learn more about the game while we are here! So we will keep you updated!!

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