Sunday, December 21, 2008


On Day two after the drive to Knysna.. we headed to the Knysna Elephant Park. This is a sanctuary for elephants in this area. This area use to house a large number of elephants and now in the forests there are only 3-4 know wild elephants left due to poaching, taking over their land, etc. The couple that owns this park also is a co-owner in the reserve we stayed and rode the elephants. It was nice. Although sort of uneventful since we had already had such a wonderful elephant experience. But here they had a couple baby elephants that were 11 and 16 months old which was very cute to see.

Well after this fun experience we headed into the waterfront of Knysna....Our hotel was right on the water and had a great view.

This yellow building is our hotel...

We strolled along the waterfront and headed to the Oyster company for dinner. We had some wild oysters on the water and headed back for a quick swim before getting a good night sleep for another fun day!

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