Friday, October 23, 2009

Misty Gardens

Evan ended this week with a fun school outing. All of the Junior school... 2-5 yr olds went to a garden place that has a play area, parrot sanctuary and plenty of space to roam and play. The best part (according to the children) was the rid on the bus to the garden. I was one of the moms asked to go along.. I have to say we are blessed with the teachers we have! I know I couldn't do that full time!!! Anyway.. all the kids had a great time playing and just having a fun day. Enjoy the photos....
Evan on the bus

Play area

This is Ethan and Rejoice. Ethan is Evan's best friend and Rejoice is another very good friend.

One of the parrots on the kids shoulders

The smiley girls... Nicole, Rejoice and Aphilla. For some reason they were attached to me that day. They are fun!

Playing under the huge shade tree

Evan pointing to the dragonfly around the pond.

What a great day!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tiger Jr.

Aiden had his first golf tournament on Saturday. He played with Scott at a local 9 hole golf course. They played 5 holes and alternated shots.. Aiden would tee off and then Scott would shoot, so on.. He had a blast. At the end they gave out some prizes and the certificates for the golfers.

Aiden Teeing off....

Aiden with his medal and certificate. He is doing much better at golf and still loves it!

Last Fundraiser of the Year

We had our last fundraiser of the year for the boys school. It was a game night and dinner. The highlight was the auction for the famed tablecloths. Each year each class paints a tablecloth. Aiden's class did giraffes and birds and Evan's did sunflowers and bees. All of them were so beautiful! So of course, I bid on the boys and won!! I just had to keep reminding Scott that all the money went to support the school!! It was a great night of socializing, eating and fun. Here are the tablecloths...They are gorgeous and look great on my table :)!

Aiden's cloth...

Evan's cloth

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Since it seems that Evan has dominated the posts lately, I thought I would do one for Aiden. He is a very bright and funny kid. This age is really fun (5 1/2 as he would say)... you never know what he will say next and he really picks things up. He loves music and lately loves the High School Musical movies. I have recorded them on our dvr and he watches them constantly. He can sing some of the songs by heart and has now become a big basketball fan. He is still a huge sports guy and loves to watch and play all sports with Scott. I think he understands Rugby much more than I do. The boys in the older class have taken him in and they play some sport everyday.. soccer, rugby, cricket and sometimes try to play baseball. He is in heaven.

Funny Story -
All the parents out there call their children by the wrong name occasionally.. I guess we do it more than our fair share because the other day Aiden told Scott he was going to start wearing a name tag. Where does he come up with these things???

Next weekend he is playing in his first golf event. It is thru the organization he takes lessons.... they are doing a father - son golf day at a local golf course. He is very excited!!

Evan is a party animal...

Well as if it hasn't been enough... Evan had his birthday party at school on Friday. We took in sugar cookies and treat bags for all the kids in the class. For birthdays they wear a crown that the teacher has made for them and all the kids draw a picture for them and it is put together in a very cute book. They say songs for me and then sang happy birthday and Evan handed out his cookies. There was another little girl who was celebrating a birthday as well. It was great fun.
The adorable book that was put together for Evan.

Evan handing out his cookies.

The Class singing songs...