Monday, December 15, 2008

Addo EBS - Game Drive

As soon as they were ready we headed out on the game drive.. This reserve is fairly small in comparison to others. They are reintroducing animals to the area slowly.. so we didn't see alot.. and not everything that was there. Since it is in the mountains and most of the animals are not use to the game drives yet they tend to be able to hide from the vehicle. But we did see... Impala, Elan, Giraffes, Monkeys and learned more about the area and habitat! Check out the photos below....

Usually these giraffes run but sat and watched us for awhile.

These are Impala.. they like to hang out on the landing strip of the lodge.

This is an Elan that was at the top of the mountain ridge... (we had Elan for dinner.. not this one! It was very tasty.)

This is a termite hill... they are everywhere! These aren't the wood eating type they eat a fungus that grows in these mounds they build.

Then we took a break up on this platform area up on the mountain overlooking the farm. The view was amazing!!

Then at the end of our game drive we stopped to watch the elephants come into their Boma (large barn)for the night. Since the elephants are somewhat tamed they give them shelter. It keeps them safe from the elements and potential poachers (which is rare in the area but can happen). While we waited for the elephants to make their way in we saw a monkey getting his evening snack before sundown...

The boys were down playing in the dirt like the monkey!!

Here come the Elephants!! They come into the Boma each night at the same time.. and they each know which cage is theirs and open their own doors and head in for a nighttime snack of hay. They are huge but you couldn't hear them coming! Amazing animals...

Much more of these gorgeous creatures on the next post!!

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