Monday, December 15, 2008

ADDO Elephant Back Safari - The Lodge

Well our weekend get away was fantastic!! We had a great time and we can't wait to share the photos and stories!! We went to one of the many reserves around Addo National Park. The resort we went to is fairly new (within the year) their claim to fame is their elephants. They have 3 elephants right now that are "tamed" and use to people so you get to interact and even go on an elephant back safari! They have been doing the elephant encounter for years but just recently got the lodge up and running. Ok .. so let's start at the beginning... on our way there we had to take a dirt road for miles that was bumpy and went up into the Zuurberg mountains. So most of the road was barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass each other. Luckily we didn't encounter too many other people on the road. And going up into the mountains the road did not have any guard rails... so if you went off you went straight down! Below is a photo of the road!

Once we arrived we were escorted to our hut... It is like a big tent. We were on the side of the mountain so each hut is on stilts in the trees. The structure is made of wood and a few walls are wood but mostly the walls are the heavy duty tent canvas. It was one large room with a king size bed and they had made up two small beds on the floor for the boys. The rooms have a wood burning fireplace, with decks leading to a sitting area as well as an outdoor shower and jacuzzi. It was REALLY NICE!!!

We found out that we were the only ones there for the night... we had the place all to ourselves!! We we checked out the restaurant, lounge area and got ready for our game drive....
Here are photos of the restaurant...


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