Monday, July 13, 2009

First Visitors

Our first visitors have come and gone... Grammy & Poppy Duncan arrived on June 27. We had a jammed packed schedule... We met them in Johannesburg after their long flight and enjoyed a quiet night in a hotel by the airport. The next morning we were off.. we drove 6 hours east to a private game reserve bordering Kruger National Park. It was great to see them and catch up on what was happening but the drive got much more exciting.. about an hour into our drive we came up to a toll booth. As we were paying our toll we saw a police officer traveling toward us with its lights flashing. As we went thru the booth we realized that it was a high speed chase with a small black car. Not only was it a high speed chase but as they came closer we saw the police hanging out their windows with guns drawn. The little black car made a u turn before going thru the toll and went right past us along with the police and guns a blazing.. as we all ducked down we watched the chase fly out of sight. Welcome to Africa! Then a few hours later Scott was pulled over for speeding. Well, here they actually have "spot" fines that you can pay to the officer right on the spot without any write up,etc. Of course, Scott played his cards right and got a $40 spot fine down to $10 and we were off with ..."don't do it again". So the trip was an adventure from the start! What else do you expect from a Duncan family vacation.

The adventures continued.. we had a great time at the game reserve. We saw elephants, hippos, rhino, impala, buffalo, wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, lots of buck, etc. After two nights there we were headed back to Joburg and flying off to Cape Town. We spent 3 nights in gorgeous, fun Cape Town and then headed into the Winelands for two nights...and drank lots of wine! After all that excitement we headed home along the scenic garden route. Once back to the house, we did lots of day trips and touring around here. It went by way to fast and we hated to see them leave!!! I hope they enjoyed their south african experience. I know we had a blast with all the adventures. Well enjoy the posts to follow with photos and more details.

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