Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Now the fun part...We were off to Stellenbosch and Franschhoek to check out some wineries. Here there are some of the best wineries in the world! I know some people will debate this but I will stand by it. They are amazing and here wine is very inexpensive! You are paying alot if you pay over $20 for a bottle, we typically pay $10 or less for really good wine. Anyway.. Our wine extravaganza began in Stellenbosch at the Spier winery. Not only do they have wine tasting, etc they have two other great attractions; the Eagle Encounter and the Cheetah Outreach.. both are run by non profit agencies. The Eagle encounter was really cool.. we attended a show about a few different south african birds and actually had the birds landing on our arms! From owls to buzzards.. very cool. They also have lots of birds on display and you can also have an encounter with a huge black eagle. The boys enjoyed it so much that they have performed bird shows for us multiple times since that day.

Then we checked out the Cheetah Outreach Program and were able to pet an adult cheetah.

Oh and the wine... we finally got around to the wine tasting and tasted 6 different wines and liked alot of them! It was a great morning but there was more to come!!

So the next stop was Ernie Els.. we had to stop here if nothing else for the name. Being golfers we had to check out his winery. It did not disappoint! The wines were very good, but by far this winery had the most breathtaking views! Absolutely gorgeous. We had lunch there along with the wine tasting and had a short tour. We got to see the private room that Ernie has dinner in when he visits. And, of course, Evan found a dead frog while playing in the grass... only my child!

The breathtaking views.......

There was a huge green area for the boys to run and to work off some energy!

This is the private table that Ernie Els has at the winery..

Evan and his dead frog.....

Grammy & Poppy enjoying the view and the wine!

We topped off our day with one last visit to Kleine Zalze winery for some more great wine and a very nice lady who gave us lots of advice and information. Then we were off to our house in Franschhoek to get ready to start all over tomorrow!

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