Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nyala Safari Lodge Day 2

Day two started off with hearing hyennas, jackels and lions off in the distance. After a great breakfast we were off to search for the elephants and any other animals we could see... we saw lots and had a great morning!

Elephant tracks....

After a great morning drive we came back in for brunch and then off again to the Olifants River to do some more searching.... Wow .. we saw elephants, lots of elephants along the river banks! And then headed down the river further.. walked up to the rivers edge and saw lots of crocodiles and hippos! We were 20 ft from the river and the hippos were swimming around along the edge. Which is amazing and scarry since hippos kill more people in the wild than any other animal. They are very protective and they can run fast! Luckily our guides Henny and Don had rifles... Absolutely amazing!! The crocs were laying in the sun. On the way back in we came across 4 male elephants along the road ... up close and personal! We also saw lions .. two large males thru a fence to the neighboring reserve and as we came up on them they started roaring and as they roared we could hear other lions in the area all around us roaring as well. It is an awesome sound, not anything like you would imagine it to sound like. Just awesome!!

Here are some photos....

Male hippo warn us to back off

Family of hippos, 2 adults and a cub

Kudu...beautiful animals!

Crocodile sunning himself

Elephants up close..

The huge herd of elephants along river bank.

What an amazing day... we headed in and had a wonderful dinner and late at night againd heard the lions roaring.. they sounded as if they were right outside our window. We had been told that the lions on the reserve were being quite shy because they had two cubs with them. The sound of them roaring is just absolutely the most amazing sound I have heard! The next moring we woke to see lion tracks right out side the gate to the lodge...

What an amazing experience! We had a great time. Our hosts were amazing! That is the benefit of going to a small lodge you get very personal attention and the people running the small places are very passionate about the animals and what they do, which gives you some amazing stories and information. It was awesome!!

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