Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cape Town Day 2

Our adventure continues... We headed south to Cape Point. Known to be the point where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. It was a very scenic drive and took close to 2 hours. Once you get to the Cape Point area.. you take a small cable car to the top of a viewing area and then you need to take a short hike to the actual point... well the day we were there it was sooooo windy that we were not allowed to hike to the point (since you walk along a cliff-- no one wants to be blown over!) But it was more gorgeous views. We took a break and had some lunch at the restaurant.

The lighthouse at the top

Amazing Views

Our next stop.. Boulders beach to see the penguins. This area is home to tons of African penguins... they are so cute! We walked the boardwalk at the national park to view the penguins.


Penguin sitting on her eggs.

Boys checking out the penguins

Then the last stop of the day we stopped at a place called scratch patch in Simons Town. It is a Rock & Mineral mine. You can tour the mine and there is a place for the kids to fill bags with whatever rocks they want. The boys had a blast! We filled 3 bags each. Most if not all of the stones are mined here in South Africa so it was very cool.

Searching for the perfect rock....

Day two was a huge success. Once back in Cape Town we went and had a delicious dinner at the waterfront and got ready for another fun filled day ahead!

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