Friday, June 26, 2009

Schools Out....

Well school is out... we have reached the end of the second term of the year. So we are halfway thru the year and have a three week break before the third term begins. At the end of this term you receive a report card for each student. It is age appropriate and is actually very thorough, looking at not only whether they can count, know their colors, etc but how well they play with others and how they deal with different situations. I am actually very impressed. Then again at the end of the year they add on to that report for additional things.

I believe I have talked about the kids art work in anther post at the beginning of the year... but here it is very important. They put a high value on art work and outside play. They feel it is essential in all other aspects of their academic life.

I have attached some photos of the boys classrooms and some of their masterpieces. Enjoy.....

Aiden's Classroom .. He has about 20 kids in his class.

Evan's classroom.. He has about 10 kids in his class.

Aiden's Artwork...

Here is some of Evan's art work.

Now that we are off on break, we are going to have some visitors and have a great time! Grammy and Poppy Duncan will be in the air shortly to visit us for a couple of weeks!!! YEAH!! Look for posts of all our great adventures!

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