Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cape Town Day 1

The fun never stops... we were still basking in the amazement of our experience in Kruger, but were off onto another adventure to Cape Town. Cape Town has been said to be the "New York City" of South Africa. It is a beautiful city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, has lots of night life and has amazing people and history. We stayed at the Waterfront which was wonderful! On Day one, we got up and headed to the harbor to take an amazing tour of Robben Island. Robben Island was the home to many things over the years but the most remembered is the site of the prison that Nelson Mandela was held. You take a 30 min ferry out to the island, then a bus tour around the island with lots of info about all of the history and then to the prison to tour some cells and the yards. The guide thru the prison is a former prisoner that served time there. Amazing to hear the stories and events from someone that was there and lived it. So interesting! Nelson Mandela wrote most of his autobiography while he was there.. check it out "A long walk to freedom". Dad read it before he came and was completely thrilled with seeing it and talking to the guide about his views on some of the things in the book. Puts everything in perspective.

Grammy & Poppy with Aiden and Evan waiting for Ferry...

Front of Prison

A cell ... same cell Nelson Mandela was held in.

Poppy & Aiden in Jail....

Our tour guide.

After an amazing tour we walked around the waterfront, did some shopping and had a great lunch right on the water.

Photos of the waterfront...

Our hotel just blocks from the waterfront.

After the relaxing lunch we headed to Table Mountain. It was a gorgeous, clear day. We rode the cable car up to the top and looked at the sites. WOW!!

Layout of the mountain and peaks...

Cable Car... going up

Grammy, Mommy and boys on Table Mountain

Views from the top.....

Grammy & Poppy.. so cute!!

What a great end to the day!

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