Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekly Update

Well we have been here another week and things are going well. We have unpacked all the boxes and are getting organized. We went to a fundraiser for the aquarium here... it is a great location, but it really run down and small. But as you sit in the stands to the large pool for the dolphin show you can look right out onto the beach and ocean... amazing. If this was in the states it would be a gold mind. But I guess it hasn't been supported well and is still kicking but needs some work. So they had a fundraiser show and silent auction. We went with another US couple and had fun. The boys enjoyed the show with penguins, seals and dolphins. Then on Sat we went to the local air show.. which you can see pics of in the next post. It was fun.

Tonight (sunday) another US family is headed into town and I am going to go meet them at the airport. When we came in Diane and Debbie were there to meet us and it was such a blessing to get off the long flight and see a couple smiling faces and have help with the massive amount of luggage! So I am spreading the love...

I am also hosting a Halloween party for the kids here next Friday afternoon so I will update the blog next weekend with those pics. Only a few celebrate the holiday here so when I found a large pumpkin at the fruit and veg market I was excited!! And then someone in the check out line asked how I was going to cook it.... haha. I gave them the options but didn't have the heart to tell them I wasn't going to cook it..I was just going to waste it by cutting a design into it and putting a candle in it!! But we have actually been invited to an adult only halloween party by some south africans! So if we can get a babysitter we are going to go see how they celebrate!

Well I guess that is really all we have been up to this week. I hope everyone is doing well! Keep in touch and talk to you soon!!

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