Monday, October 6, 2008


Well since the last time I updated the blog we are doing good. We are still in TEMP housing!! Our air shipment has landed.. but is in customs and hopefully will be out by the end of the week (or so we are told). We have the keys to our new home!! YEAH! We have gotten the appliances delivered, the TV's are hooked up, Curtains are being made and hung... now all we need is our stuff! Our sea container is scheduled to arrive on Oct 16th and then will have to clear customs we should have ALL of our stuff by the end of the month. The pool is almost complete they wanted to get the landscaping taken care of before the did the final clean and fill of the pool so more sand/dirt does not get into the pool and filter. Plus it is still a little too chilly to get into a pool! The boys started school today and I will post photos, etc after this!

Ok - I bet some of you thought my comments about the keys were an exaggeration.. so I wanted to prove it.... Right now we have keys for both houses. So on this key chain photo you see below.. there is 3 keys and 2 remotes (1 for the gate and 1 for the garage)for the current townhouse we are in (that doesn't even cover 1/2 the keys that you would need to have if you carried the keys for all the outside doors! The other half is for the new house... there are 3 keys and 3 remotes ( 1 for the gate, 1 for the garage and 1 for the alarm system) Again the number of keys would at least double to have one of each of the outside door keys! It is crazy! Now I have not gotten my permanent vehicle yet (they sent the wrong one.. long story) so Scott and I go back and forth.. but once I get that I will leave some of the remotes in the car but for now it is the easiest way not to forget a key to carry them all!!

Ok - that is all for now.. I will post more as it happens!!

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