Monday, October 6, 2008

Boys First Day of School is SA

Here they are... All ready for their first day of school here is SA!! They were both really excited! If some don't know .. here they are on a year round schedule starting in Jan. They have 4 terms and today was the first day of the fourth term for this school year and they will be done at the beginning of Dec. Aiden, of course, was very excited! And I was told did a great job today playing with the other kids and with the work they did today. Evan said he was excited but did cry when I dropped him off. His teacher told me that he did a great job and had fun once he calmed down! Aiden will go everyday and Evan is going Mon/Wed/Fri for this term. Starting in mid Jan they start the new school year and will both be going everyday. I think they had a great time getting to know other kids ...Aiden is already talking about a new friend but can't remember his name and Evan wants to paint some more! The school I chose teaches an American ciriculum which hopefully will keep them on track for when we return!

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Amy B said...

Wow! Time moves fast -- at least it seems like it from here. It's good to hear that the boys are in school and having a good time (even if Evan did cry at first). And those pictures in the earlier post of the lions were amazing -- and the ocean!!! It's beautiful in the pictures, I imagine it's even better in person.