Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oct 13th Update

Ok -- some of you are wondering what has happened to us... well we got our air shipment last week and were able to move into the new house with our blow up mattresses and few kitchen essentials YEAH!! But it has taken us a week to get the internet working here at the house..but it is up and running now! It has been great living in the house! much more room and we love the neighborhood! The pool is finished and filled ( as you can see in photos I posted earlier) The grass is growing up... here they lay the sod and cover it with top soil. We just have to keep it watered and it is starting to pop thru.

The boys finished their first week of school and I am told by the teachers they both did really well! Aiden already went to his first birthday party for the other Aiden in his class...and the funniest part is the other Aiden's last name is Nell (not sure of the exact spelling but too funny!!) That was on Friday afternoon and I was able to meet a few of the other moms in the class which was nice.

On Saturday we went to Sardinia Bay Beach with the Demuynck family! The boys had a blast. The weater was great.. sunny and had to be in the low 80's. Great day... check out the photos of the beach below.. it is absolutely gorgeous!

The weater is still spring like... unpredictable. Sunny, chilly, WINDY, rainy.. but I am told that will all be over soon!

Well we got good news! Our sea container was a week early and arrived in port this weekend.. and will be delivered tomorrow!! YEAH!! So we will actually have furniture to sit on! Other than that .. this week I am getting the rest of the curtains for the house hung, getting rugs for all the hard tile floors (and we are hoping both of these help with the echoing that goes on in the house!!) I think we are going to get the boys new beds.. some type of bunk bed .. so they have more room to play in their room.

Well I guess that is all for now! Since we just got our internet up and working this morning... we should have our vonage working by this weekend! (we wanted to make sure everything was working with this before we added something else to the mix)

Ok - I hope everyone is doing well! Let us know what you are up to either by email or leave a comment on the blog ... I check them often!


tb said...

Nice pool. It's nice to see the boys having fun.

Amy B said...

That's totally hilarious that there would be another Aiden there -- especially with a rhyming last name! I guess you can't escape a great name even if you move half way around the world ;)

And I'm glad to hear that your shipments have arrived. After all this time, it'll be so nice to really settle into your new home.

As for me, I decided to tackle making two costumes for Halloween....what was I thinking?!