Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Week 2

Well another week has gone by and we are doing well! I have mastered driving and my way around. The boys are doing good... and start school on Monday! YEAH!

This week hasn't been as exciting. We have checked out the outdoor play places that have great areas for the kids to play. We have already started a weekly meeting of all the other US GM families at one of the outdoor places that also has food. So we go for Sunday brunch. Right now there are 5 families and Randy who is waiting for his family to arrive in Dec. There is one family that is still on their way (mid Oct) and there is one that is on their way home in Dec.

The weather here is still sunny one day and chilly and windy the next but I am told that Oct is the rainy season and then starting in Nov it will be in the 70's and sunny everyday!

We also checked out our new house... we met the owner and our relocation rep and went through the house and checked out the progress on the pool. Then we looked at appliances.. when a house is unfurnished here it also means no appliances (except for the oven) So we need to get a fridge, dishwasher, washer/dryer and microwave. But our landlady has said she will get us her best price from the store she buys from alot.

Also we checked out Sardinia Bay... It is a Beach area about 20 minutes from us and it is gorgeous! There are huge sand dunes and once over them the beach is small and secluded but gorgeous. We didn't take our camera since it was a spur of the moment thing but will go back soon and take lots of pics. The boys actually played in the ice cold water..with their rolled up pants and eventually both fell down in the water and sand and were covered! But they had a great time.

Yesterday was Evan's birthday!! We made cupcakes and Evan got to pick his dinner and it was pizza! We had pizza and cupcakes.

I guess that is all the excitement for this week... We are going to get the keys to our house later this week and should have our air shipment the beginning of next week now.. This weekend we plan to go to Seaview Lion Park. It is a game reserve close by that has lots of animals and as the name implies lions! They even have an area where you can pet a lion cub!! We will take lots of pics and post them this weekend!

Ok I better run! I will post some photos later!!


Monique said...

I'm loving this blog Tami. Happy belated birthday to Evan; please give him big hugs from us. Brent said that you guys are going through tv-withdrawl. He's on the case (and recorded the Ravens game for Scott - not sure how he plans to get it on DVD etc, but I have faith in his abilities!)

Monique (and Brent and Zeek, Alighieri and Dante)

Amy B said...

Happy Birthday Evan!

I'm glad to hear you've already got some regular outings planned. I'd expect nothing less :)

Jack said...

Tami and Scott and Gang,
Happy Birthday Evan. Keep pictures coming, kids are growing up so fast. Give them a kiss for me Jo Ann and Jack