Monday, October 6, 2008

Seaview Lion Park

Well over the weekend we went to a place called Seaview Lion Park. It is about 30 minutes from PE and has a lots of lions!! They breed white lions which are really cool. Some of the large male lions are segrated into smaller fenced areas. And some of the females are in a large fenced area that you drive thru.... they were amazing!!! Right next to the car! There are other animals as well (zebras, giraffes, buck, etc) but the big draw is the lions. They breed and rescue lions. The other big draw is that they hand raise alot of the lion cubs and so they are tame enough for you to pet them (supervised of course!) So we were all looking forward to being up close to the cubs.... but the cubs they have right now are too big to allow Aiden and Evan in with them! So we were told to come back in late November when they will have some new cubs!! :( We were very disappointed!! But now have something to look forward to in November! Here are some photos of the lions...

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