Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Wild Party

Evan had a wild party Saturday! He invited 6 friends and their families over for fun and food. We rented a jumpy castle for the backyard, we had games set up around the yard to keep the kids going. We also had a fun wild animal treasure hunt and a cute sand art craft for everyone to do. Of course, there was lots of food and drinks and laughs had by all.

The animal cupcakes..

A sample of the sand art

Evan getting a ride. He loves the Stout girls.

Evan and his shyness.. didn't want to blow out his candles.

A funny story.... we almost didn't have the party. On Thursday evening after the boys bath I noticed a red bumpy rash on Evan. Evan having a rash is not unusual.. he seems to get little rashes occasionally. Then Friday morning is had spread a little and was brighter red so I figured I better take him in and find out what it was before it got any worse. The doctor examined him completely and said that it was definitely a viral rash but she was worried it could be a mild case of measles! I was not expecting that!! She was especially concerned since he was having a party on Sat that he didn't spread it to everyone. So the only way to confirm is a blood test..so brave little Evan laid completely still while they took blood. She expected the results by that evening. So I went ahead and continued for the party... I was pretty sure he didn't have measles he didn't have any of the other symptoms (even for a mild case). Of course, Fri evening she didn't get the results back for the measles test. It wouldn't be until Sat morning....So Sat morning at 8:30 she called to give us good news.. thankfully the party was a go!!! Nothing can ever go smoothly!

Evan had a great time and completely enjoyed his 4th birthday!!

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