Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jefferys Bay Shell Festival

Thursday was a South African holiday, so we headed out to Jefferys Bay which is only about 45 minutes away for their annual shell festival. It was really just a blocked street with people selling stuff and lots of food but it was a really nice day so it was great to be outside and enjoy the sunshine. They have a mini golf course there, so of course that is the first thing the boys wanted to do. We did get some shell souvenires. After we got back, we headed to the Wolf residence (another US family here) and had a great night. They hosted a Mexican fiesta. Mexican food is not readily available here, so it is something we have all craved at one time so it was alot of fun.

Jefferys Bay Beach.....

Here we are at the mini golf course and out at the distance is the ocean..

The boys golfing.

Our shell goodies.

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