Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well September is flying by... The boys only have 3 more days of school until the end of the third term. We have been busy as usual. We had a good week, and then this weekend Scott played golf with his buddies and I took the kids to see a show. The Opera House here in PE put on a children's production of Alice in Wonderland. Two of our American friends were in the production and did a Wonderful job! The boys loved the show and Evan said he wanted to see it again. :) Below are some photos of the boys at the show and of Aiden at cricket lessons. Aiden loves any sport so it has been fun for him. We just hope it doesn't mess up his baseball swing.

Cricket... Here are some of Aiden in the net batting and bowling. In Cricket you swing low sort of like a golf swing and bowl straight armed and overhead. Very interesting..

Here is a photo of the boys with the Stout boys and Hunter in front of the Opera House after the great show

Here is an interesting headline I thought you might find funny.. We usually don't buy the paper on a regular basis but this headline caught my eye and I had to buy it....

Here are links if you would like to read anymore local news.
The Times...
The Hearld...

Have a great week. We will be busy with the end of school, a mexican party at friends, shell festival in Jefferys Bay and next weekend we are going to a luxury game reserve in the area for a night. It will be fun!!

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