Friday, July 9, 2010

Where has it gone?

The boys have finished their second term of school this year... wow half over! It flies by. They both have had a great first half of the year, with school, friends and activities. They both got wonderful reports. Aiden is getting closer and closer to reading and is very strong in math. Evan knows his letter and numbers.

I was just thinking about this experience the other day and how very lucky we are. The boys have learned so much more than I think they would've if we were home... they have realized there are other languages and are interested in learning and knowing the languages, they have come to understand so much about the animals that you would never get from a zoo, and recently with all the world cup hype the boys are actually able to point out flags from other countries (like Portugal, Mexico, Serbia, England, Germany, etc) I am sure there are children much older that wouldn't know the flags. It has been such a blessing and I know even though we really miss our family and friends we will be much better for being here.

Ok - now I want to share a few pieces of the artwork from the boys. Enjoy...

Evan's Artwork - Fire Truck




Aiden's Artwork - Bus full of people

PE City Hall - they all drew these from a photo of the actual city hall downtown


And my favorite - the donkey

Well to help the aspiring artists, we got them desks for their new room....

Now onto the long holiday!

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