Friday, July 9, 2010

Ayoba Time!!

Soccer Fever has struck... We were able to attend two games here in PE. The new stadium is awesome! The first game we attended was on June 18 Germany vs. Serbia. We sat pretty much at center field and 27 rows up. Great seats!! For this game the boys went and had a great time. Vuvuzelas were in full force... the cheers from all the fans were so much fun. It was a great game with Serbia winning 1-0.

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

The Boys..

We also were able to attend the England vs Slovenia game on June 23 here in town. This time we went with just adults and had a great time. A few friends of friends from England were here for the games and it was a great time! The England fans are crazy about their soccer. These are definately fans that travel with the team and support full force! England was victorious with a 1-0 win!

Paula, Gogo & Paula with South Africas Royal Guard (haha)

The massive number of England fans! This is just one section of the stadium!

Clayton & me..

The Mascot of the World Cup "Zakumi" meaning .. Za= South Africa Kumi = 10.

Paula and her mom.

Pat with our visiting England fans... GO USA :)

Fun was had by all!! We also got many pics of David Beckham on the sides lines... sooo cute! Very Exciting!!

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