Thursday, July 8, 2010

Soccer World Cup Opening

The Soccer World Cup is underway and we are enjoying the festivities. The opening match was South Africa vs. Mexico. We went to a party at friends for the occasion. The weeks and days leading up to the world cup have been so much fun here. Looking around town and seeing flags everywhere.. on buildings, light poles, cars, etc. It has amazed me how much of a melting pot South Africa actually is.. There are people living here from all over the world. It is great to see the excitement of the SA people and the pride of what the country has accomplished. I am very proud to say I live here and was a part of the remarkable event. A newspaper article that was written by an American reporter about the World cup and South Africa has been circulating here and if you haven't read it .. it really sums up the feelings and excitement here. I have attached it in case you are interested.

Ok - back to the party... we enjoyed watching the game and had a wonderful braai (bbq) with great friends. AYOBA!! (which is a word for hurray) Bafana Bafana (the south african team name) played well and tied with Mexico 1:1.

The Group ...

Our portrait taken by our photographer Evan.

In the middle is my dear friend Paula. To the left is her mother in the green and on the right is her mother in law. GO BAFANA BAFANA!!

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