Friday, July 9, 2010

Blanco 2010

We just returned from a wonderful 8 day vacation to one of our favorite places. Blanco Guest Farm just outside a very small town of Tarkastad. We went last year for a long weekend with the same group and had a blast.. so this year we went for a whole week to take up some of the boys holiday. There are animals for the kids, tennis, golf, bowls, squash court, playground, horse riding, hiking and plenty of space to run and play soccer, cricket, etc. I think in the 8 days we were there we saw Aiden a total of 24 hours. The great part is the kids just go and do what they want and when. They have their own dining room and meal times so we have some nice quiet meals. We had a nanny full time that entertained and just watched Evan to make sure he was ok. So there was lots of relaxing, reading, eating and drinking. You take your own beverages and at night after the kids are in bed we head to the bar and have a few drinks with the crew. We met so many fun people. For my South African friends that happen to read my blog -- you should definatly check it out!

On Thursday they had a soccer game between all the kids and the staff's kids. As well as the guys and the guys on staff.

Men trying to get prepared... they didn't have a chance!

Most of the group of kids we were with.

Our last full day at Blanco -- so sad!

So these are from the bar... we had alot of fun!

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Paula said...

These are all the un-censored ones!!!! Thanks for the awesome times - special memories. MWAH