Monday, January 25, 2010

First Day of School 2010

So the boys started their first day of school here on Jan 19th! Aiden has moved up to the "Lion" class and is in Grade R which is equivalent to Kindergarten. And Evan has moved into the "Zebra" class. They both love school already! Now it is back to the routine with lunches, and sports after school. This term the boys are involved as usual. They are both taking music at school, swimming lessons and now Karate. Aiden is still doing golf lessons and Evan may do a ball skills class at school. Yes they have a full plate but it is fun and it keeps them busy. Happy 2010!

Boys ready to head to school!! Decked out with their new SA Springbok Rugby backpacks.

Evan in his classroom.

Aiden in his classroom.

They have had a great first week. And this week will be just as great! Aiden is turnig 6! WOW! Lots of fun coming up....

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