Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aiden is 6!!!

Last week Aiden turned 6! He took in cupcakes to school. At school each student draws and colors a picture for the birthday child and the teacher makes a cover for the book, as well as makes a crown. It is very fun. Then of course he wanted a snake cake for his party (which is this Friday) so I thought I would do a miniature version for his actual birthday and practise.. I think it turned out pretty good. He is such a big boy!

Aiden at school with his class...

The book and crown he got... (don't know why it is coming out sideways???)

The mini snake cake, will be attempting a large one for Friday!

Aiden blowing out his candle.

Look for more on the big boys birthday... his soccer, snake party is on Friday! Yeah!

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Candice said...

Happy birthday cake!!