Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wine, wine, wine!!!

Well this has got to be one of my favorite places! The wineland are amazing, and we have only really seen a small piece of them. My favorite town is Franschhoek. It is a gorgeous quaint village with the most amazing wineries.. not only the wine but also the scenery and archetecture. We stayed two nights in Franschhoek in a cute little house, but spent most of our time drinking!
Our House...

Here are all of the wineries we visited.

Rickety Bridge

Photo taken by Evan ... pretty good!

La Motte
This winery was very nice! A guy playing the piano during the tasting, the boys got wonderful kids packs and the wine was good!

Moreson - We also ate lunch here and it was very yummy! Another gorgeous winery.

Cabriere - This is an amazing winery with lots of history. They specialize in sparkling wine and it is yummy. We also had dinner here and it was delicious!

Well that ends our Franschhoek tour... now onto Stellenbosch which I will do on a second post! whew....

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