Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Touring South Africa's Coast

After our day of relaxation.. we were off again. We were headed to the Cape Wineland and to Cape Town. Along the way we spent the night in Mossel Bay and saw some amazing views. We also stopped at a predator park Jukani to see some wonderful predator cats. The park is mostly to bring awareness about the endangered animals and how amazing they really are...

Mossel Bay view from Hotel

Jukani Predator Park... We saw lots of cats.. cheetah, white lion, leopard, ceracel, Bengal tigers, Siberian tigers, hyena, jackals, and more!



Tiger being Fed... Still a baby!

The Owner giving his male lion a hug! Unbelievable. Most of the animals have been hand raised by the husband & wife owners.

White Bengal Tiger.

Along our way to the Winelands (Franschhoek) were some amazing views..

Great start to our next adventure!!!

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