Friday, June 26, 2009

Rain, Rain go away.....

Well I don't complain much about the weather here but it has rained over 24 hours. And not just a sprinkle.. a steady rain and at times a down pour. We have also had gale force winds knocking down tree limbs, etc. That is winter in PE. Rainy, windy and chilly. It is around the 40's but with the rain and the wind chill seems colder. All day yesterday you could here little spits of hail come down on the windows, but last night a big gush of hail came down all at once and left pea sized hail all over. So here is the photo of the closest thing we will get to snow here..

Hope you all are having a good summer!!

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Amy B said...

Crazy! That hail seems so out of place to me as we have a high of 93 today with a triple-digit heat index :)