Friday, May 8, 2009

Swinging with the monkeys….. or close!

We took a short trip to Tsitikamma National Park area on April 26th. We checked into the hotel and left the kids playing with a nanny while Scott and I headed out on a canopy tour! It is a tour thru the tall yellowwoods of the forest. There are 10 platforms set up in the tree tops that you zip from tree to tree on a line. We were 20 meters high, the longest line was 90 meters long and the oldest tree was estimated to be 600 years old! It was a blast! At first you are focused on zipping thru the trees and braking when you need to, but towards the end you are looking around and enjoying the scenery. I really would like to do it again because I think it would be so much fun to enjoy the whole experience without stressing over how to brake and when! The rest of the evening was relaxing with the kids and just hanging out! Very nice short vacation!

Heading out to the first platform

Getting our instructions! listen up..

Our first run....

More fun!!!

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