Friday, May 8, 2009

Fish River Sun....

We had a long weekend last weekend and went on a great short vacation to see more sites around us. We headed East up the coast about 2 hours to Port Alfred. It is a cute little coastal town. We actually stayed at a resort just outside town. The resort is set on the Fish River and the coast. It is gorgeous! The views of the golf course, and ocean are just beautiful.

Three of the other American families went along so the kids had a blast playing with all of their friends. We spent Friday afternoon with the kids playing on the huge jungle gym and miniature golf course. Then headed into Port Alfred for a river cruise on the Kowie River that runs thru the town.

After we had a great dinner at a small little restaurant on the river with another family. On Saturday we had a great day.. we headed to the beach and found a great spot of beach along a lake. The kids went out canoeing, played in the sand and swam in the lake. The guys played golf. Then in the afternoon the kids swam in the heated pool and played in the kids kamp playroom they had! On Sunday we spent the morning at the lake again and then headed home. It was a great weekend! It was so kid friendly and just a wonderful setting. Definitely a place that I would go back to for another long weekend of relaxation!

Here are the kids having fun on a log... they were suppose to be frogs on a log but some didn't play along!

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Candice said...

Glad you guys had a good time. :)