Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well the last couple of weeks have been busy as usual.. This week Aiden had a beach outing for school that was a lot of fun! They went to a spot on the beach with small pools made up of rocks that housed lots of starfish, crabs, seaweed and lots of other small sea creatures. They had a blast. They all had a list of things they were to find and then they built sandcastles and had a treasure hunt. The boys are doing great with their swim lessons.. if Aiden would put his face in he would be a fish and be swimming like crazy.

We started off the weekend with an adult only dinner on Friday night with some friends! It was great food and company. We are planning on doing it more often. The rest of the weekend was birthday party, and we headed up to Addo National Park to drive thru and see what animals we could find. We saw elephant, kudu, wart hogs, eland, and a jackel. We had to find something to do on a cloudy and rainy day! It has rained most of the weekend, but we needed the rain. Well gotta run... update more soon!

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