Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This week we spent most of it on Aiden's birthday as you have seen. But that is quickly changing...
The boys are doing well in school. We had meeting at each school last week to meet the teachers and get the low down on things going on at the school. Now my life is getting busy.. they both have school everyday until 12:15/12:30, then on Monday Aiden has music class after school, Evan has music on Tuesday and then after that Aiden has golf lessons on Tuesday afternoon. Tomorrow we go to find out what classes they will be in for swimming and will schedule that accordingly. And on Friday after school they have sports for Aiden.. soccer, cricket, basic ball skills, tennis, etc..

I have joined the gym and have been trying to go on a regular basis. I actually have some sessions with a personal trainer set up. Crazy!! A lot of people here are very fit and into running, swimming, cycling, etc. There is an Ironman here in April. There was a triathalon in East London a few weeks ago that a few of my friends did. There are cycle races, ocean swims, and running races regularly. So maybe this will get me motivated and actually get myself back in shape.

We are getting a jungle gym for the boys installed in the backyard this month. So hopefully they enjoy that and it keeps them occupied and works off some energy! They have way to much. I wish I had half of what they have.

I have made some new South African friends thru school. The people here are so nice and friendly. The boys have also made some great friends at school.. Aiden is always asking to have his friends over. I guess I will have to organize a playdate. He is such the social one! Evan is so funny.. he loves school but while I am there he doesn't talk to his teacher or anyone else.. once I leave he chats and answers questions. It of course takes him awhile to warm up, but once he does watch out!

When I have more time this week I am going to try to do some posts about "everyday life".. things like the language, shopping, driving, economy, general differences, etc. It is crazy but since we have been here 4 months things that seemed strange at first now are quite normal. I really love it here. Of course I miss home (mostly people) but it is great here and I plan on enjoying it while I am here!

Ok - gotta run get the boys ready for bed! Talk to you all soon.


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