Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Things are going well here. Scott & I went out to dinner on Friday night for our anniversary! 6 Whole Years!! It was fun to go out without the kids for the first time. Then on Saturday the US Crew had Thanksgiving dinner together. It was fun. Turkey, all the fixin's and pumpkin pie! I made a pecan pie and had to make the pie crust and corn syrup myself because they don't have it here... I enjoyed it. So this week has gone by fast so far. Evan has started wearing big boy underwear during the day!!! He started the other day telling me he had to go... and his pull up stayed dry all day!!! YEAH! It helps with bribes of M&M's. So that is going smoother than I expected. Next Friday is the boys last day of school until mid I am going to be busy this weekend working on the gifts for teachers. Scott will be off from the 12th thru the 2nd of Jan also so we are going to do some local traveling... So keep watching because there will be lots of pics to check out! We are going to have our own Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow... I will post some pics! And then I will need to start Christmas shopping for a few more things. But it is hard to get into the spirit when it is in the upper 70's lower 80's and sunny. (I know I am bragging now!) The other day Scott & I noticed that we were up so early...(because the boys insist on getting up at the crack of dawn which is at 5 am here).. that some of you may be awake still because of the time difference! Kinda funny!!

Well I will post some photos of our Thanksgiving bash and post more updates later. I gotta get the kids off to school.


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