Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our South African Braai

As I said in my previous post... we were invited to have a traditional South African Braai in Jeffreys Bay over the weekend... It was lovely! Here are the photos of that. You can see in the background of the first few photos the amazing view of the ocean. The boys even made a friend in Skippy the dog! The views were amazing... the Braai was actually held at our landlord's(Margaret) cousins home that she also has rooms she rents... beautiful!! Margarent and her husband Phillip are extremely nice people and have been to 40 states in the US (more than me!!) and have lived in Austrailia and Greece. Their daughters are very nice as well! One is going to the local university to be a lawyer and the other is a school teacher but is well known in the poetry world and has won awards from the states, etc. Fascinating people!! It was a great afternoon! It makes me hungry just thinking about it!

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