Sunday, November 2, 2008

Update Nov 1st

Hello All!! I hope things have been going well for everyone! I can't believe it is already Nov! Especially here since the weather hasn't changed to fall... I think Christmas will be hard to get in the mood! But we have had a great week! We had a Halloween party for all of the American families here at our house! Everyone had a great time! I posted a separate entry with a photo scrapbook.. It has three pages so click on it and it should take you thru the pages! Aiden dressed up like Tony Stewart -- his favorite driver (and I know he is driving for Toyota now buy next year he is going back to Chevy!) Evan was Lightning McQueen and only put on the costume so I could take a photo. All the kids looked so cute! And we even had a few trick or treaters from the neighborhood!! I had to whip out my lollipops quickly because I didn't buy any candy for trick or treaters! OOPS! Any way it was fun but we missed our Halloween traditions from home. Scott did carve a pumpkin! Pumpkins are hard to find here.. I happened to find one at a fruit and veg market one day and was very excited! Someone actually stopped me to ask how you cook it... I hated to tell them that I wasn't going to cook it ...just waste it by cutting a design in it and throwing the insides away! Seems so wasteful now that I really think about it.. but it is fun!! Now that it over and I am going to work on organizing my house. Everything is unpacked but not organized the way I want so I will be working on that.

Oh -- BIG NEWS... Evan did not cry when I dropped him off at school on Friday! YEAH!! Hopefully that continues. They both are doing great!

Just on a side note.. from the packages we have received so far.. it takes about 1-2 weeks on average to get a package. letters seem to come thru faster.. so I know that there are some of you that may want to send cards, small packages for the upcoming holidays.. so just keep that in mind.

Ok well we are going to head off to brunch and meet up with some friends so the kids can play! Hope everyone has a great week! Talk to you soon

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Amy B said...

It's good to hear you have an American community that you can share some traditions with. I'm laughing about the surprise trick-or-treaters and having to find lollipops for them. We're swimming in candy here ;) I think this should easily be enough to last us until Easter.