Tuesday, July 5, 2011

While I was away...

Of course, life did not stop while I was off enjoying myself. The boys were still in school and having a great time. We had a wonderful Au Pair Hannah taking the boys to school, helping with homework and making sure they didn't kill each other. All my boys got to spend some great time together and didn't miss me at all!!

One Saturday St Georges had a fun, friendly rugby game between the grade 1's and grade 2's. Aiden played really well. He played two games and scored two trys in one game! (that is equivalent to a touchdown) No photos to share but daddy got some great video for me to watch! So Proud!

The boys also attended the St Dominics School fair. We attend every year since our friends (the McCarty's) go to school there. It is always alot of fun.. games, food, entertainment and of course the beer tent :).

And a big milestone... Aiden lost his first tooth!! (not at the rugby game) He decided to wait to put his tooth out for the tooth fairy until I came home. He got 20 Rand (~$3) for the tooth!! Very generous tooth fairy.

Luckily things went well and my boys enjoyed themselves!

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